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Thursday 5-8s
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2020 TERM 1 Project Showcase



This term’s work was a response to the sensitivity young people are experiencing towards climate change and the recent National bush fire emergency. In Weather Systems and Emotional Worlds, we were engaging in anthropomorphism by endowing weather states with complex emotional landscapes, and in a mirrored way, exploring the emotional effects weather systems had on us. It was purposely non-direct and anti-didactic; engaging artistry and imagination in a broad sweep of all weathers and feelings, and under that comprehensive umbrella, individual anxieties about fire/drought/ tsunami/storm etc could be processed.



We were curating a stunning sequence of scenes that were composed of shape, costume, sound, movement, scattered text, and creative transitions. Please ask your young person to explain the role they played in each of these weather states – it was developing into a beautiful and dramatic portrait of the natural world as embodied by dynamic and highly expressive young people.


  • Boiling hot: melty, slow, oozy.

  • Drizzle: boredom, slow to rapid fire footwork.

  • Rain: generous, giving, delivering water here and there and everywhere.

  • Big wind: busy, late, rushing. Ribbons flowing from fast swooping wrists.

  • Storm: tantrum, fighting, black wigs and long black fabric in a tug of war.

  • Thunder: furious. Slow stomping and swinging chains. “I’m the boss.” “I said no”.

  • Lightning: dramatic and proud; conductor and “instruments” being conducted.

  • Fire: hungry, greedy, ravenous. One main fire bursting across the space, spreading, catching. Tiggy. The rest running between safe zones, evacuating, escaping.

  • Fog: confused. Searching. Fuzzy. Crawling around with eyes closed.

  • Snow: Some snowballs. Lost and lonely. Isolated people calling into the wild. “Hello???” “Is Anybody there???” Echoes echoes echoes. Slowly falling down and falling asleep. Then back up again, looking, calling, falling…

  • Hail: Surprised. Table tennis balls: throwing them up, clapping, catching them, dropping them, chasing them, repeat. Up, down and every direction.

  • Sunny breeze: Happy. Hopscotch. Basketball. Dribbling and shooting hoops. Big waving. Swooping through spaces with runs and leaps.


They were all sensational thinkers, creators and performers!

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2020 TERM 1 Project Showcase
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