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muchness and your work  

House of Muchness is able to support your work with young people. If you are choosing to include young people in the work that you do, we can help facilitate and scaffold that process to embed best practice.


In arts contexts, Alex and her team can assist call-outs, rehearsal processes, audition frameworks, castings, photo shoots, and program development.


Outside the arts, and across industries including corporate environments, local government and councils, there is a growing interest in including the voice and the position of the young person. Through application of a range of tested tools and strategies, House of Muchness can maximise the success of this inclusion.  


House of Muchness can work with:

  • Its own in-house collection of young people aged 5-17 years, matching them to your needs, or

  • develop skills in external young people already connected to your organisation, or

  • help find young people that meet your remit from our range of contacts and networks


Your engagement with young people might include:

  • a panel

  • a conference

  • a talk

  • a survey

  • an interview

  • a selection process

  • a forum

  • a presentation

  • a workshop


Engaging House of Muchness means:

  • we can prepare a risk assessment for your project with thorough knowledge of the risks associated with working with young people and help you reduce risks through the application of controls

  • we can cultivate a safe, inclusive and vibrant culture of space

  • we can deliver fun and effective skill building in young people to prepare them for a certain task

  • we will ensure that young people are armed with agency so they are empowered and have ownership of their participation in a process

  • we will assist relationship building with families, including efficient communication systems and permission procedures


House of Muchness practitioners always have current Working with Children checks and are briefed on relevant laws and codes of conduct.


Working with young people to bring out their best qualities is a niche and nuanced practice. The practitioners at House of Muchness have done years and years of rigorous work in this field. Please get in contact if you’d like to find out how we can support your work with young people.  

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