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2020 Term 2 

Hello dear Muchness families, welcome to this new section of the site - term 1 HOM! This is an archive of some special moments from our first 7 weeks of the year, a way to capture and share with you the excellent material each group was creating and shaping into performance for you. There is a page for each day's workshop program which features images and videos from some exercises and rehearsals, along with text explaining the thinking behind the content and how the young people were responding. In lieu of the real-life-showing (!), I have explained what that end of term performance would have looked like. So this week, in what would have been the showing time, why not grab some popcorn and hot chocolate, sit down together and flick through the pics, inviting your young people to flesh out the info in their own words. Enjoy! 

Tuesday 9-12s
Offis of the
Public Good
Wednesday HS
The Melancholy
Death of Oyster Boy
Thursday 5-8s
Weather Systems and Emotional Worlds
Friday 9-12s
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